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The new way of Arts

A digital platform for emerging artist

RevArt is a digital platform that seeks to assist emerging artists with promotion, valorization and sales of their artwork.

We want to provide a new space for upcoming artists to express themselves and connect with art lovers, buyers and other artists.

Throughout history, art has been one of the most powerful tools to express ourselves. We have used it for education, religion, communication, and therapy.
Nowadays, art is seen as a luxury - something you cannot access and possess on a limited budget. Something that is reserved for the privileged.


We believe art should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have made it our mission to create a digital platform where artists can freely share their artwork and create value. 

Our platform will enable upcoming artists to gain free access to promotion, exposure, support from the community, and to connect and interact with other artists in a similar situation. 

Start focusing on




Street Art

We are working on the best development of the platform that is coming sooooon!


“We believe in your art, we believe in your passion and we want you to join the next generation of arts.”

Who we are?
RevArt is a digital platform for emerging artists! A startup with the aim of helping emerging artists in the promotion, valorization and in the selling of the artworks.

Artists that are focused on paintings, digital art, drawings and photography

Email submission and questions to :

-High quality pictures of the artworks
-Artists contact details & BIO
-Detailed specifics of the artworks

4th of February 2020

We are looking for you for start the next generation of arts! A new art space.


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